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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials (Updated December 2017):

December 2017: Video testimonials and photos from some of my 28 school assemblies and conference keynotes to 10K+ children and teens in three states, Fall 2017.

July 2017: Video testimonials following my K-6 school assemblies, 2016-2017. The assemblies at elementary schools promote empathy and emphasize disability awareness, character education, and anti-bullying.

June 2017: Video testimonials after my presentations to teens, university students, and professionals. These presentations emphasize the topics of diversity, anti-bullying, and peer leadership.

May 2017: "Growing Through Cerebral Palsy" Campaign, On-Camera Interview
Motivational TED Talk speaker Dr. Paul Stuart Wichansky on transforming a special challenge into unique opportunities for self-improvement, fostering growth through independence.

January 2017: My TED Talk on Disability Acceptance
Invited to host an inspirational TED Talk at a Long Island high school.

March 2016
Ability Awareness Week, K-5 schools in Montgomery County, Maryland
Every year, I speak to students at K-5 schools in this county on ability awareness and character education. My sister, a guidance counselor at one of them, generously invites me to stay at her home when I get assemblies in the area. Recently, I have been invited to speak to all students at three schools in Rockville, three schools in Silver Spring, and schools in Damascus, Olney, Bethesda, and Gaithersburg!

August 2015: University Media Interview
Invited as a guest speaker for two college classes, lunch with faculty and staff, followed by a media interview and an evening keynote open to all students and staff at Bloomsburg University.

motivational speaker leadership resiliency Youth Instructor, Trooper Youth Week
New Jersey State Police Academy Training Unit
Shared my experiences with three trooper youth classes of the 2016 Trooper Youth Week (July & August). I am invited each summer (since 2008) to share insights with large audiences of New Jersey high school seniors and help instill the courage, confidence, and leadership that these youth can fully realize the dreams they set for themselves. Many of my students are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or public service. Addressed each trooper class from 77th to 103rd in recent years.

I consoled a few trooper youth who found themselves in tears after these recent programs. I suspect the tears may be for every moment they may have lost in doubt of themselves and their goals, letting someone else take their power, or getting angry and disillusioned. The tears release pent-up emotion and out emerges gratitude and happiness. This is, I think, a natural reaction as my presentation also emphasizes the power of love, faith, and forgiveness in our lives. The effect can be so rewarding for my students and gratifying for me as their speaker.

May 2016
presentations at New Jersey high schools
Testimonials from principals, students, and parents following Dr. Paul's motivational presentations at various New Jersey middle and high schools in February and May 2016. They highlight the topics of anti-bullying, character education, and peer leadership.

May 2016
presentations at three elementary schools in same district

Every year for 16 years, multiple schools in Summit NJ have invited Dr. Paul to share his experiences with third-graders as part of the district's Caring Kids program since 2001. The following testimonials from PTO parents represent the lasting effect of his captivating presentations.

college class speaker May 2016
Invited university speaker

Returned for the fifth semester by Dr. Rob Gilbert to share my experiences with his graduate-level class at Montclair State University. He sees his class respond in ways beyond that of any other of his invited speakers over many years. Professor Dr. Lisa Sargese also generously offers her valuable insights.

April 2016
Professional Development Keynote
Association of School Business Officials
Inspirational keynote to an estimated 55 Somerset County education professionals. Unknown to Kim Clelland, association president, her son James was in my audience six years earlier and still remembers my presentation at his middle school!

conference keynote leadership September 2015
Leadership keynote at a university retreat
University of New Haven. New Haven, Connecticut.
UNH Leadership Retreat
Keynote to undergraduates participating in a leadership retreat at the University of New Haven. Invited by a former student who still remembers my presentation at his high school nearly five years ago! This student is now the senior class president at his university.

conference keynote speaker

Disability conference speaker
Niagara Falls, New York
Opening keynote to 1000 conference attendees (counselors, staff, families, and participating vendors) at the 27th Annual Developmental Disability Day in Niagara Falls, NY. My uplifting keynote was followed by a specialized instructional workshop for both teachers and their students.

motivational speakers high schools Motivational speaker high schools Corning Post-Painted High School in Corning, New York
My presentations in this beautiful high school's theater were immediately followed by the official trailers of the upcoming Star Wars, Captain America, and X-Men movies before students were released. Not sure how I feel about that. Placing these superheroes on the same screen after my school video? The imaginary explosions and spaceships made my own sky/scuba dives seem mundane!

I would rather make my students feel THEY are the Heroes.

college keynote speaker Evening college keynote This magical day was possible thanks to an undergraduate student who persuaded her professors to invite me to speak at Bloomsburg University. I was the guest lecturer for two undergraduate classes followed by lunch with the department professors. A televised media interview and catered dinner was then followed by an evening keynote open to all university students and the public (standing ovation too)!

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