The Disability Awareness & Character Development Lecture Series
A World Peace Flag Ceremony for the Children of the World, The United Nations

Church Center at the United Nations
777 UN Plaza 8th Floor, Boss Room
Tuesday, May 7, 2002

submitted by Monica Willard, Pathways To Peace

A World Peace Flag Ceremony for the Children of the World was organized by Pathways to Peace, The World Peace Prayer Society, and The United Religions Initiative at the United Nations. It brought together inspirational speakers, singers and presentations to focus on creating a culture of peace and nonviolence for the children of the world.

The workshop was opened with the Wagner Middle School chorus singing, "What about Us," as they held up the names of countries in crisis. This was followed by a slide presentation by Eric Benz, a sixteen year old American high school student recounting his trip to Palestine and Israel as a participant in a Christian youth project. Robert Pollard’s presentation gave the audience new insights on how light and color impact how we see the world. Govinda Rose Meyer and Dan Willard provided original music.

A Vision in Motion, a unique motivational speakers bureau, provided three inspirational people to share their stories.  Moving presentations were given by Scott Chesney, a paraplegic who has traveled the world in his wheelchair; Paul Stuart Wichansky, a Ph.D candidate with cerebral palsy; and Rose Andrzjewski, a professional singer who lost her voice and regained it after treatment for her clinical depression. By dealing with the problems these speakers face in their daily lives, they shared how they work to create personal and world peace.

The event closed with a stirring, musical World Peace Flag Ceremony led by Arthur Romano. Audience members participated by holding flags and sending their prayers for peace to bless the children in all the countries of the world. The powerful refrain throughout this ceremony was "May Peace Prevail on Earth."

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